Some Sisters’ Testimonies


Some of the Congregation’s sisters gladly share here their personal testimony as Dominican Missionary Adorers.

Sister Madeleine Dubé, our hymn-writing sister!

I have been called to live a spirituality centered on the Love of Jesus giving Himself unceasingly in the Eucharist. My request is that through Him, with Him and in Him, my life be a gift of unceasing love. [...] I sincerely believe that true happiness lies in the fulfillment of God's Will which manifests itself in different ways that are often unexpected and unpredictable.

Sister Deolinda Palomino, Peruvian;

When I was eight years old, I remember very well telling my mom and my godmother that I would be a nun; where did that come from? I could not say so; [...] there was something in my heart that did not leave me in peace with all that I was learning in catechism.

Sister Normande Carrier;

Adoration, study of God's Word, work, Marian prayer, community life, apostolate, all these aspects met the deepest longings of my heart.

Sister Françoise Lemieux from the group of the first sisters in the Community;

It all started with a meeting. I am in the presence of the foundress, Julienne Dallaire, in whom everything speaks to me about God and the love of Jesus that becomes tangible in her.  

Sister Élisabeth Huot;

It was after this meeting, especially during a Eucharistic celebration, that I interiorly experienced the desire to belong completely to Jesus. At that moment, the congregation was singing: "O Jesus, I adore you, I give you my life, I love you so much." It became clear to me that I would be a religious... where, I did not know yet, but it was an interior certainty.

Sister Lise, was missionary in Peru;

What were the happiest days of my religious life? Certainly, the first few years of my missionary life in Peru. Responding to the Church’s call asking for missionaries in Latin America, and inserting myself into a poor neighbourhood: this really answered my own aspirations. I tried to be a presence of love and hope ...

Sister Juliette, formerly a missionary in Western Canada;

The place where I am or the task entrusted to me do not matter, for I believe that, united with Christ’s offering in the Eucharist, I am at every moment on this mission and I can, with Him, carry the sufferings and the hopes of the whole world which is thirsting for salvation. This is what makes me live and gives me the most profound joy today.

Sister Lucienne, our dean;

I feel joy at telling all my brothers and sisters that Christ loved us to the end, that He perpetuates his Sacrifice, accomplished once and for all, in an Act of Love which has no end. Joy at leading my brothers and sisters in offering their lives in union with Christ who offers Himself to the Father.

Sister Judith Giroux;

A life received from a God who is mad with love, and in return, a life given for love to this God and to mankind: these are the central dynamics that animate my life.

Sister Isabelle Normand

[...] I found myself in this Eucharistic spirituality, in this life that is both contemplative and active. A life of adoration and offering. Dominican Life, fraternal, simple and joyful. Missionary Life centered on the proclamation of the Love of Jesus in the Eucharist.