Sister Elizabeth Huot

It is Jesus who chose me and guided me towards this community.

Why I entered in Dominican Missionary Adorers? It is Jesus who chose me and guided me towards this community. Although I grew up in a Christian family with deep religious convictions, I had in no way thought of becoming a nun. However, marriage did not appeal to me either, even though I saw my five sisters follow this path. In fact, I felt different from others, shy and having little confidence in myself and fearful about the future, although succeeding well in my studies and in the various commitments during my adolescence. I was looking for a meaning to my life, to life itself...

Jesus and Mary were very important to me. I had never doubted about their presence. But this relationship had to become deeper and that is what I managed to somehow express in a meeting with a priest from my parish when I was 19: get to know Jesus better to love him more.

It was after this meeting, especially during a Eucharistic celebration, that I interiorly experienced the desire to belong completely to Jesus. At that moment, the congregation was singing: "O Jesus, I adore you, I give you my life, I love you so much." It became clear to me that I would be a religious... where, I did not know yet, but it was an interior certainty.

I shared this experience with the priest I had met before and he is the one who introduced me to the community of the Dominican Missionary Adorers. Jesus knew my shyness ... I would not have had the courage to go in search for a community! He had pity on me and brought me right away to the one he wanted for me! Indeed, on the first visit, I felt at home and comfortable with the spirituality that met my aspirations: adoration, silence, joyful fraternal life, love of Mary, etc. ... And after several stays there, I entered a year later as I had felt I would!

Gradually I deepened the spirituality of the community which is one that opens to a life of union with God, a life of intimacy with Jesus who gave his life for the love of us, especially in the Eucharist, a life where the emphasis is on being and not doing. And I continue even today, thirty years later, to deepen this immense love with which Jesus gives himself in the Eucharist, striving to be more and more united to him: it is never done once and for all And this growth expresses itself in a special way in community and fraternal life or in apostolic commitments where opportunities abound to prove my love for Jesus. And Mary also has a very important place in my life (and in that of the community). It was she who led me to Jesus. In brief, I am always happier; my thirst and hunger for Jesus never stops growing. I was looking for a meaning to my life. I truly found it in Jesus who is the source of my life, who gives meaning to everything I do and live, who helps me accomplish the Father's will like he did for the glory of the Trinity and the salvation of the world.


Sr. Elizabeth Huot, o.p., August 2015

Sister Elizabeth shares with us the small touches of Pope John Paul II in her vocation story

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