Who are we?

We are a religious community which is incorporated into the Order of Preachers (commonly known as Dominicans). As daughters of Saint Dominic, this indefatigable apostle of the Truth, we are called to feed ourselves on the Word of God in order to live from it and to proclaim it to our brothers and sisters who, like us, are starving for God.

Our congregation, founded by Mother Julienne of the Rosary, is especially consecrated to the Eucharistic Heart of Jesus and to his mission of giving adorers in spirit and in truth to the Father. Indeed, through his self-gift of love, Jesus, the “True Light” and the “Love to the end” wants, through his Eucharist, to lead us also into his adoring self-offering to the Father, by associating us with his mission of salvation.

That is why, for us, spirituality and mission are so deeply linked.


Our spirituality and our mission

n the heart of the Church, our spirituality and our mission focus on the Heart of Christ as He gave us the Eucharist on the evening of Maundy Thursday, when He invented the means of giving Himself to us as our food and of remaining among us. We are called to live from His life and to work with Him to give to the Father the adorers in spirit and in truth whom He seeks (cf. Jn 4: 23).

We desire to live our Baptism intensely by following the example of Mother Julienne of the Rosary and helping our brothers and sisters to live their baptismal vocation and making of the Eucharist the centre of their lives.

This mission is lived in imitation of Saint Dominic in whom apostolic action gushed forth from the fullness of contemplation.

Together with the whole Dominican Family, we have a special reverence for the Rosary. We are keen to pray it and to spread it so that Mary, the mother of Jesus, may be known and loved together with Him.

Our mission is that of spreading the Gospel, according to the needs of the Church and of the world.

  • It includes :Education in the faith;
  • Formation and Eucharistic animation in different ways:
    • catechesis, preaching, teaching;
    • animation of youth groups or adult gatherings, etc;
    • initiation to prayer and adoration.

It also includes works of charity that promote human and social development.

The four poles of our life

In the Order of St. Dominic, life revolves around four poles:

The common life

Our life project is first of all founded on our being and living together. Community life, lived in simplicity, joy and sisterly affection, is the very first place of our communion and mission.

The life of prayer

The celebration of the liturgy – the Eucharist, and the singing of the Liturgy of the Hours – forms the heart of each of our days. We also take time for adoration of the Blessed Sacrament exposed. In and through the Heart of Christ, we adore the Father and the whole Trinity in the name of the Church and of the world. We carry in our hearts our sisters and brothers of the whole of mankind with their joys, pains and hopes.




Study is an important part of our life; it nourishes our contemplation and apostolic activity. We form ourselves in the study of the Word of God in order to contemplate the mystery of salvation, to live it and to make it known to our brothers and sisters in search of light.


In imitation of the Love that gives itself, we undertake together various apostolic activities while remaining alert to events or circumstances and responding to the needs of every environment where we are at work