Sister Madeleine Dubé

What makes me happy?

Answering this question in this time of pandemic, is a bit special. However, this difficult time does not prevent me from being happy.

What happiness is mine of having been called to live in this community of Dominican Missionary Adorers! Walking in the footsteps of our dear foundress, Mother Julienne of the Rosary, I am called to live a spirituality centered on the Love of Jesus who gives himself unceasingly in the Eucharist. I ask that through Him, with Him and in Him, my life be a gift of unceasing love.

As many are aware that I have composed several liturgical and other songs, I would like you to give thanks with me for this Gift of God that surpasses me.

Around 1965, a sister of the community met me and said, "You could compose a song about our spirituality." It was because she could hear me playing the piano by ear. I replied, "Perhaps…“. In fact, I didn't know what composing music was. I had only learned the piano for one year when I was 11 years old. I didn't know the names of the chords...

I set to work and after a few months, in 1966, I finished a kind of three-voice cantata. Someone told me the names of the chords and it became the song "O mystery, ineffable mystery" inspired by the spiritual understandings of our Mother Julienne of the Rosary.

I then went 6 years without composing. In 1972, from the Lenten theme "I believe in Jesus Christ", I risked composing and offering the theme song to the editing house, Novalis. They chose it, and from then on, the compositions never stopped.

It should be noted that our Mother Foundress always encouraged me. It is really for me a way of being a missionary, a way of doing good, of making known the Love of Jesus, of God our Father through the Breath of the Spirit of Love.

Yes, give thanks to the God of Love!

I conclude by taking up the question from the beginning: What makes me happy? I sincerely believe that true happiness is in the fulfillment of God's Will which manifests itself in different ways that are often unexpected and unpredictable.

To all, my friendship in this God who loves us so much!


Sr. Madeleine Dubé, o.p.  February 5, 2021

Note: Sister Madeleine has composed many hymns commonly used in parish liturgies, such as “O Vierge de l’écoute”, "Baptized in Jesus", "We Want to Live Your Mission of Love", and many others that you may know.