Eucharistic Fraternity

Quebec City


Every Thursday evening, you are welcome to come and live a moment of adoration from 7:00 pm on, followed by Mass at 7:30. The priests who preside the Eucharistic Celebrations and the people who lead in the singing are different each week. This brings a different flavor to each one of the Celebrations. The participants experience what we could call a weekly pilgrimage to our Cenacle, forming together an assembly that is both prayerful and active. All are invited!

From September to the end of May, a Eucharistic Celebration open to the public is offered in our Chapel at 131 rue des Dominicaines (Beauport District), Quebec City.

  • 7: 00 PM - The Blessed Sacrament is exposed for those who would like to give some time to adoration.
  • 7: 30 PM - Eucharistic Celebration.

Welcome to all!