Beatification and canonization Cause


The basic condition that is necessary for the opening of a cause of beatification and canonization

For a cause of beatification and canonization to be opened in the Church, there is an fundamental and absolute condition that the Holy Father Benedict XVI expressed clearly in a letter to the members of the Plenary Assembly of the Congregation for the Causes of Saints April 24, 2006. It is called "the reputation of sanctity." Here are the words of Pope:

The diocesan Pastors, deciding "coram Deo" on which causes deserve to be initiated, will first of all evaluate whether the candidates to the honours of the altar truly enjoy a firm and widespread fame of holiness and miracles or martyrdom. This fame, which the Code of Canon Law of 1917 stipulates should be "spontanea, non arte aut diligentia procurata, orta ab honestis et gravibus personis, continua, in dies aucta et vigens in praesenti apud maiorem partem populi" (can. 2050 2), is a sign of God who points out to the Church those who deserve to be set on the lamp stand to "give light to all in the house" (cf. Mt 5: 15).