The Fraternity of Priests of the Eucharistic Heart


For a number of years, there have been, within the family of the Dominican Missionary Adorers, some priests consecrated to the Eucharistic Heart of Jesus. They meet regularly for the purposes of mutual help and communion in the faith. They also soak up the spirituality of this Dominican family in order to be filled with it and to spread it to their life and ministry.

Father André Gagné shows his joy of being a priest

He shares with us that his joy of being a priest is fundamentally rooted in the identification to the Heart of Christ. Impressed by the words of St. John Paul II, "Shepherds after my Heart", Father André puts forward a special aspect ... “according to his Eucharistic Heart: the summit of love that sprang from the Heart of Christ, when the Last Supper, he put all the love of the cross into the Eucharistic gesture.

A 6-minute video in French on the ECDQ WebTV.