The Eucharistic Families

“My dream is for priests who adore, parishes that adore, Eucharistic families, communities of adoration, generations of adorers”

(Mother Julienne of the Rosary, December 1991)

Founded on 6 October 1992, the Eucharistic Families movement brings together couples of all ages who live the sacrament of marriage and whose children are baptised. This movement has a share in the Dominican Missionary Adorers family, and in the spirituality transmitted by the foundress, Mother Julienne of the Rosary. This spirituality nourishes and energises the life of its members in every aspect of their Christian, conjugal, familial and social life.


The Eucharistic Families is also a group for fraternal interchange which, by means of a monthly meeting (prayer, talk, exchanges):

  • travels along the path of Christian faith and develops its love of the Eucharist;

  • searches for the means of facilitating the religious awakening of their children and their religious education as they grow up;

  • shares in common the Christian values that define them.




Other activities also supplement the monthly meeting:

  • an annual family gathering;

  • an annual weekend retreat;

  • occasional family meetings, taking place now and then, on various subjects.




 Our progress within the Eucharistic Families movement has allowed us to rediscover the importance of participating in the Mass and of understanding better the real meaning of the Eucharist, which is at the centre of our lives.”

Edith and Simon


“Mother Julienne of the Rosary speaks of Jesus as He gives Himself for love of us at the Last Supper. The Eucharistic Families movement helps us to understand this love better and to live by it as a couple, as a family and in our society.”

Danièle and Richard



“The Eucharistic Families movement allows us to meet other families and to share with other couples who wish to live the same Christian values that we do. It is good for us, we no longer feel alone, it supports us and our children.”

Esther and François


“This is what we feel as members of the Eucharistic Families: we are able to live our spirituality on a daily basis; to grow and to learn to transmit our faith with conviction to our children; to share our faith with others without feeling out of place. There, at the meetings, we are made unreservedly welcome, as in our mother’s arms.”

France and Serge



For any information on the Eucharistic Families, contact:

Sister Gilberte Baril, o.p.
(418) 661-9221