Quebec City

The mother house


The mother house of our Congregation is situated in Canada, in Quebec City’s area of Beauport. This location bears the name of Cenacle of the Eucharistic Heart.


A conventual community sees to the life and apostolate of our Congregation in the heart of the diocesan Church in Quebec. The Prioress General and her council live and work there.

In Quebec City, our community life and apostolate are achieved by means of:

  •  fraternal exchange;
  • the liturgy, celebrated in choir and through personal prayer;

  • adoration;

  •  various apostolic activities:


- Each Thursday evening, the animation of the meetings of the Eucharistic fraternity, including a time of adoration followed by the celebration of the Eucharist;




- Various teaching engagements: catecheses, conferences, retreats, spiritual and Eucharistic animation activities, etc;

- Collaboration in parish or diocesan initiatives, according to our charism;


- Animation activities in the spiritual and Eucharistic encounters, evangelisation, catechesis, etc, as above;

- Individual spiritual direction;

- Spiritual direction for groups of lay people:




Come pray with us!


Schedule of the Liturgical Offices at the Cenacle of the Eucharistic Heart of Jesus, Beauport



Silent Adoration and Personal Prayer in our Chapel of Beauport

For people who would like to take a time of silent adoration before the Blessed Sacrament exposed or simply a prolonged moment of silence prayer, here are the hours when this is possible.

The Blessed Sacrament is exposed every day of the week and Sunday from morning until Vespers at the end of the afternoon (Friday, the exposition of the Blessed Sacrament ends at 3:45 pm).

The chapel is not open Saturday morning but in the afternoon it is possible to come and pray, although the Blessed Sacrament is not exposed.

Possibility of a Retreat

We all know that in our noisy and fast-paced world, it is difficult to stop and pray and meet God in silence. When we are in a period of discernment, that is to say when seeking God's will for our lives, we need longer moments of silence, prayer, intimacy with Him to listen to the Holy Spirit and be formed by Him.

That is why we want to offer young women who are in the process of discerning what their calling may be, the opportunity to experience moments of silence and prayer by opening the doors of our convent. They may either come and adore in our chapel, participate in our liturgies, spend a day of retreat and, if they so desire, meet a sister to answer questions or simply share. Those who would like to spend a few days with us can also do so by contacting Sister Julienne Turmel with this form.

Our address:

131 rue des Dominicaines
Québec (Beauport District), QC             
Telephone : (418) 661-9221