Discernment and journeying on

The formation communities



For the first stays with the community and for initial formation, young women are welcomed into the "formation house" where there is a spirit of real  fellowship.

With the sisters of the formation team, friendships grows and the candidate can become familiar with religious life and tread upon the path of the Dominican Missionary Adorers spirituality. The "formation houses" are in Quebec and in Chaclacayo, Peru.



The journey goes on

If, for the candidate and for the Congregation, the signs of a possible vocation are sufficient,

  • the young woman can advance towards the next step and become a postulant, which is a time for more experiences in order to become more familiar with religious life and to  continue discerning one's calling.

  • After that, the novitiate, which lasts two years, is a time for a more intense formation, deepening one's relationship with Christ and one's integration into the life of a Dominican Missionary Adorer.

  • The novitiate can lead to a first commitment and then to a final commitment with the perpetual vows.



During each step, both the young woman and the community strive to discern

  • what  seems to be the will of God,

  • that is to say, if there is a correspondence between on the one hand, the person’s deepest desires, aptitudes and on the other hand, what makes up the life of the community, its spirituality and its mission.


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