Who is Mother Julienne du Rosaire?

Mother Julienne du Rosaire

April 30 1945, Mother Julienne or the Rosary – Julienne Dallaire (1911-1995) – founded the congregation of the Dominican Missionary Adorers, in the district of Beauport, Quebec (Canada).

From a young age and over the years, the Lord granted her special graces which, at 33 years of age, led her to found the Congregation of Dominican Missionary Adorers. Throughout her life she continually communicated the love of he to whom she had dedicated her life: the Eucharistic Heart of Jesus.

After fifty years of generous self-giving to her daughters and to everyone who came in contact with her, Mother Julienne of the Rosary died on 6 January 1995.  Let us recall here the words she had spoken a few years previously: “My life is ending, but only in appearance; my mission is about to begin, my mission of seeking adorers…  I hope to spread throughout the world the fire of Eucharistic Love.”

The closure of the diocesan process for the cause of her beatification and canonisation was celebrated on 10 February 2010 in the basilica/cathedral of Quebec City, after which the documents were sent to Rome, to the Congregation for the Causes of the Saints.

Une biographie est disponible dans le volume Femme de lumière et de feu   (139 pages) disponible aux Éditions du Cénacle.