The Virgin Mary

“With Jesus, we have God as our Father and also Mary as our Mother. Since our supernatural life is patterned on our human life, our mother had to be there. Our Lord did not want us to be deprived, so he gave us his own. What a Mother! Do we think about this enough? Hers is a marvellous presence! An attentive presence, full of tenderness and solicitude. Mary, our Mother so near to us, guesses all our needs with understanding and can answer them because of her power over the Heart of her Son.

If we knew how much she loves us! May you profit well from the privilege of having Mary as your Mother, and develop towards her a piety which will become ever more filial, ever more trusting. May you act towards her as towards a mother who sees all, knows all, guesses all, understands all and is able to do all. May you take on this sweet duty of repeating, at least 50 times a day, the greetings that make her smile, reciting them and savouring through them the happiness of being her child…”

(10 January 1980)