The great gift of the Eucharist

“We ask Jesus to uncover the secrets of His Heart for you as his intimate friends. He loved us to the end, said Saint John. On the evening of his mortal life, He did not want to be separated from us. He invented the Sacrament of His presence which brought to its peak the manifestation of His Love. Through the Eucharist, He remains with us, He offers ceaselessly to the Father His broken flesh and His blood poured out for our salvation. He gives himself as our food. From the solemn moment of the institution of the Eucharist, which is recorded in the most moving moment of the Gospel, and for the following 20 centuries, the Eucharistic table has always been ready, the bread of our happiness is always served. Jesus says again faithfully, through his priests: “Take and eat, this is my body…” From the small Host, His life, like a torrent, invades the one who receives it. To take part in this meal is to participate in the banquet of eternal happiness.”

(10 February 1980)