Keeping the Word

“…keeping the Word; not to let it disappear, not to let it be erased from our memory, our mind, our heart; keeping it preciously. This is the hidden treasure, this is the precious pearl. The Word, in reality, is the Word of the Father which is given to us in the breath of the Spirit. It is given in the Holy Scriptures, it is given to us through the Incarnation, it is given to us as food in the Eucharist. We go even as far as eating the Word. We must eat it with a noble and generous heart, with a heart that allows itself to be eaten up by it, which consents to disappear, to live in a hidden way like Christ, which accepts that the Word will bury us in the earth so that we may become Word together with it.

We become the Word of God which speaks through our lives, by means of our lives. The Word of God will speak through our lips, yes, but it will be effective in others, in the measure in which it speaks to our own lives. For this to happen, we must have assimilated it well, we must have accepted that it will transform us into itself. We must have let it invade our mind, our heart, our will, our flesh, all our being, so that we may become Word of God for others.”

(30 July 1983)