Holy Thursday, 2017 with Mother Julienne

Master and Lord

At the heart of the spirituality that Mother Julienne gave us, we find Holy Thursday. There we find the Eucharistic Heart of Jesus overflowing with love! Here, to nourish your contemplation on this Holy Thursday 2017, is a short excerpt of a speech of hers in 1972. A fervent Holy Thursday to you all!

"You call me Master and Lord; and rightly; so I am”. Of this bread and of this wine, I am the Master! I am free to change its being; to cast away the substance and to attach mine to their form, their color and their taste, to give myself to you in a résumé of love and make you become one victim with me in the same Sacrifice of adoration, thanksgiving, reparation and praise. [...]

Impossible to perceive the dimensions of the love of Our Lord in the gift of the Eucharist! We cannot do so and no human spirit will ever be able to do so; the Eucharistic Heart is an unfathomable abyss.

Let this act of deep love be the rhythm of our thoughts and our wishes ... our light, our watchword, our imperative!

Enthusiasm for the mystery of Holy Thursday is not enough: we must give it a hold on our life. Our sacramental participation must continue throughout our days. All our actions should be sacrificial offerings to God under the impulse of love. [...]

Holy Thursday! The culmination of love! The exaltation of love!

Mother Julienne du Rosaire