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Biographie de Mère Julienne pour enfant... bientôt en anglais!

Elle arrivera très bientôt, pour ceux qui l'attendent avec impatience. La biographie de Mère Julienne, «J'ai des secrets à te partager», en anglais, arrivera sous peu. Simple et accessible, joliment illustrée à l'aquarelle, une idée d'un beau cadeau à offrir pour la première communion des enfants! Nous vous préviendrons quand elle sera enfin disponible!



It is now available in Spanish! I Have Secrets to Share with You is a book in which the Mother Julienne of the Rosary tells her story to children. Sister Julienne Turmel, o.p., wrote the text and Virginia Parent illustrated in water color in a very artistic way. This book is exciting to read, not only for children but also for young people and adults! A beautiful gift for you or one to offer to those you love, children or grandchildren, at Christmas or for their first communion. The book is available in our houses at Comas and Chaclacayo, Peru.

I Have some Secrets for you is the title of a volume of sixty pages in which mother Julienne du Rosaire narrates her life to children. Sister Julienne Turmel, o.p., wrote the text, and Virginia Parent produced very artistic watercolor drawings.

A beautiful gift for your children or grandchildren on the occasion of Christmas or their first communion. Do not hesitate to purchase it (available in french and in espagnol): it will interest not only children, but also young people and adults!

C'est le 16 juin 2013 qu'est lancé ce dernier album des compositions de soeur Madeleine Dubé, o.p.



This collection, Words of Wisdom for all, lifts the veil on the overflowing contemplation of this mystic from Quebec and her apostolic thirst to share with others the fruit of her own prayer. Meditating on these words, while letting ourselves be inspired by these texts, we will discover what she desires for each one of us : a heart yearning to give itself to Love.. The book is in French.

We hope one day to be able to translate this collection of thoughts in English.

Composed and performed by the Dominican Missionary Adorers