Liturgical songs and other recordings (only in French)

Songs : Sister Madeleine Dubé, o.p.

  • D'un seul coeur faisons mémoire CD 10,00 $ / Booklet  (Words and music) 5,00 $ - (Content)

  • Chante pour ton Dieu  (Sing for your God)  CD  $10.00 /   Booklet (Words and music)  $5.00 (Content)


  • Mission d’amour  (Mission of love) CD  $10.00 /   Booklet (Words and Music)   $5.00  (Content)


  • Ouvrons notre cœur  (Let us open our heart) CD - Sold Out /    Booklet (Words and music)  Sold Out (Content)

Songs : Sr.Madeleine Dubé, o.p., Sr.Hélène Lemieux, o.p., Sr.Yvette Blouin, o.p., Sr.Gilberte Baril, o.p.

  • Testament d'Amour (Testimony of Love) CD $10.00 The words of the songs are in the booklet within the CD. Booklet (Words and music)  $5.00

Other recordings

  •  Recitation of the Rosary in French by Mother Julienne du Rosaire  (CD) :  $7.00 + postage

  •  Funeral of Mother Julienne du Rosaire  (Video cassette) :  $10.00 + postage