The Eucharistic Fraternity of Saint Paul, Alberta, a Fourth Group

Accepted as Part of the Dominican Missionary Adorer Family

On April 13, 2016, Sr. Julienne Turmel, o.p., Prioress of the Dominican Missionary Adorers and her council, formally accepted the Eucharistic Fraternity of Saint Paul, Alberta as a group belonging to the Dominican Missionary Adorers Family.


In the early 1990s, Bishop Raymond Roy, then Bishop of Saint Paul, Alberta, asked the Dominican Missionary Adorers to organize an moment of adoration in his diocese. Some people who experiences this adoration sensed that these sisters, apart from the fact that their lives radiated in a way that inspired them, possessed a rich Eucharistic spirituality. Moments of sharing with the sisters therefore were multiplied.

With the arrival in Saint Paul of Sister Edith Carrier on October 10, 1995, a new step was reached. The latter agreed to bring together the people interested in knowing the Eucharistic spirituality of the community. Thus, on October 25, 1995, four people met at the convent for a first meeting during which Sister Edith gave them a talk. Since then, this Fraternity has grown. And it continues to do so, even with the departure of the sisters who had to leave Saint Paul in 2013. A sister at the convent in Beauport, named by the Prioress General and her Council, ensures the link between the Congregation and this Eucharistic Fraternity.


The main activity of the Fraternity is the monthly meeting that takes place regularly from September to May. This encounter usually begins with a time of adoration in the presence of the Blessed Sacrament. Thereafter, a light snack is served to allow people to fraternize. Then comes a talk given either by a guest or with the projection of a DVD. These DVDs come from Quebec where the sister who ensures the link, Sister Edith, continues to send teachings given by her or by others. Finally, at each meeting, a written document is handed out: either a prayer, a summary of the talk or news of the sisters of the convent in Beauport or other groups of the DMA Family.

The year always ends with a Mass in which the new members dedicate themselves to the Eucharistic Heart of Jesus and the others renew their consecration. Each member is then called in his daily life to give witness to Jesus offering himself and giving himself in the Eucharist out of love.


Within the group, some people are chosen, one as president plus a few others, to form the council that sees to the activities of the Fraternity. The sister appointed in Quebec serves as a link between the Congregation and the Eucharistic Fraternity of Saint Paul.


The Fraternity of Saint Paul receives the visit of a Dominican Missionary Adorer every year in order to maintain and deepen the bond between the group and the Congregation and also all the other groups of the Dominican Missionary Adorer Family. Welcoming brothers and sisters from the Fraternity of Saint Paul to the Cenacle of the Eucharistic Heart in Beauport when some come to Quebec is always a source of joy for the sisters of the community, as well as for other brothers and sisters of the Family when they can enjoy an encounter with the visitors.

For further information, please contact:

Claude Lampron, the President, with the following form:

or sister Édith Carrier by phone (418) 661-9221