The Dominican Missionary Adorer Fraternity

A growing Fraternity


Fascinated by the love of Jesus as He gave Himself in the Eucharist, and challenged by the figure of Saint Dominic, Mother Julienne of the Rosary founded the Dominican Missionariy Adorers in 1945.

Following her example, lay people commit themselves to live by this Love and to make it known to their brothers and sisters who live in the midst of the world.

For whom?

For all those who, as lay people, wish to:

  • deepen their faith;

  • every day and always better, live the Gospel and feed on the Eucharist;

  • train themselves and others to become “adorers in spirit and in truth”.


In order to walk along this path, the members of the Fraternity focus on four main poles:

  • prayer

  • the search for Truth

  • commitment to the apostolate

  • fraternal life


Prayer keeps us closely united with God and with our brothers and sisters in the Church (personal prayer, liturgy of the Hours, adoration, Eucharistic celebration, Rosary and annual retreat).

The search for Truth

This search gives pride of place to the Word of God, Church documents and the writings of Mother Julienne of the Rosary.

Some persons blessed with wider knowledge in a given field are often invited to speak to the group.



Listening to the promptings of the Holy Spirit, the members witness to their faith in their respective life environments, by their style of life and, sometimes, by their words.


Fraternal life is important in order to tighten the links between the members of the group, particularly as concerns a real sharing in responsibilities.

Meetings: when

Meetings take place on the second Wednesday of each month in the evening, at the Cenacle of the Eucharistic Heart, in Quebec City’s area of Beauport.

 Other meetings may also be added on occasion.

information on the Dominican Missionary Adorer Fraternity, please contact:

Sister Yvette Labbé, o.p.
(418) 661-9221