An Extended Family

... diversified

Other people gravitate around the Dominican Missionary Adorers and share in the Eucharistic spirituality received from Mother Julienne of the Rosary. These are regular or occasional participants in our Eucharistic Fraternities, adorers who come to pray in our Chapels in Quebec and also in Comas and Chacalacayo, Peru. There are also people who come to our cenacles for meetings of spiritual renewal and teachings, for spiritual accompaniment and also people who are physically far from our houses, but spiritually close to us through their sharing of our spirituality. And naturally, there are the members of our families and so many friends.

The Eucharistic Fraternity of Beauport

Every Thursday evening, people are welcome to come and live a moment of adoration from 7:00 pm on, followed by Mass at 7:30. The priests who preside the Eucharistic Celebrations and the people who lead in the singing are different each week. This brings a different flavor to each one of the Celebrations. The participants experience what we could call a weekly pilgrimage to our Cenacle, forming together an assembly that is both prayerful and active. All are invited! May we recall that the Eucharistic Fraternity was born in 1964 in our Cenacle of the Eucharistic Heart in Beauport, thus is nearly 50 years ago!

A Generation of Adorers

Together, we form an extended family, a “generation” of people, foreseen in the past by Mother Julienne of the Rosary, who want to become adorers of the Father in and through the Eucharistic Heart of Jesus.