Tribute to sister Jeanne

At the funeral of our dear Sister Jeanne, last Friday, July 10, Sister Julienne Turmel paid tribute to our dear sister who had gone to the Father's house. We share it with you who could not be present because of the consequences of COVID-19. We thank God for what Sister Jeanne's life has been.




All of us who are celebrating with and for our dear Sister Jeanne,

It seems to me that from up above, she must be looking at us with a little mocking smile, she who liked to play tricks; because she played a big one on us by leaving us during the pandemic, which did not make the organization of her funeral any easier! But we share her joy because she has entered into LIFE where she intercedes more intensely for us.

Let us go back in time... imagining her to at the age of 9, rocking quietly at home, looking at the Holy pictures of the Virgin and of the Sacred Heart, hanging on the wall of the kitchen in the big house. It was there that Jesus called her, a call that grew more and more so that at the age of 18, she arrived at our convent to give herself to Jesus.

A desire was burning in her heart; she fulfilled it by responding to the call to go and found a mission in Peru. With three Sisters, she went to share the life of the poorest of the poor in a barriada of more than 200,000 people, which had just been formed on the outskirts of Lima. Sister Jeanne generously put herself at their service. For 22 years she was an ear that listened, a heart that loved and comforted, a hand extended to help, a guide that deepened the Gospel with the people and thus come to share with them the Eucharistic mystery. In this way, she experiences the great joy of being a missionary.



Called back to the Mother House in 1984, she was always ready to serve in different ways and fulfilled various functions, especially that of archivist, until her illness took away her abilities.



Possessing a lively sense of humour, ardent and passionate, at the same time humble and self-effacing, radiating peace and serenity, our sister was discreet about her relationship with Jesus. But on the occasion of her 50th anniversary of religious profession, she said that she had found her happiness in this life spent in the company of the Lord – not forgetting her community! She leaves us as a legacy the values that guided her throughout her religious life: obedience, fidelity to the Constitutions, prayer, especially a tender love for the Virgin Mary, and tireless self-giving.

Dear Sister Jeanne, to you our profound gratitude! We are assured that you remain present to us, drawing us to follow you in that LIGHT and LOVE, in which you already bathe, thanks to your thirst for divine Mercy.

Sister Julienne Turmel, o.p.