Our Chapel Officially Dedicated to the Eucharistic Heart of Jesus

Under the presidency of Cardinal Lacroix

"United in one heart, let us praise the Lord, give Glory to God our Father Almighty..."

photo by Daniel Abel

Yes! It is with great joy that we celebrated this event on Sunday, September 9, 2018, during which the Dominican Missionary Adorer Family was gathered in our Cenacle.

And what a joy it was to welcome the pastor and father of our Diocese, Cardinal Gérald Cyprien Lacroix, who presided over the solemn blessing, a blessing through which the Chapel was officially dedicated to the Eucharistic Heart of Jesus.

photo by Daniel Abel



Indeed, this event is at the very heart of the history of our congregation and our spiritual family and it takes us one step further towards achieving our mission. On December 3, 1943, Julienne Dallaire, who later became our founders, Mother Julienne du Rosaire, answered a question addressed to her by Cardinal Jean-Marie Rodrigue Villeneuve, then Archbishop of Quebec: "I would like to know what formal motives could bring about the foundation of a new institute?



The Chapel of the Eucharistic Heart of Jesus

Julienne, our foundress, wrote in 1943: "According to the wishes expressed by Our Lord, the raison d'être of the new institute would be precisely to form a generation of souls totally devoted to the love of Our Lord in his Eucharist, a love they would bring homage to under the title of the 'Eucharistic Heart of Jesus' ". To practice and to make known this devotion, such is the mission that the Good Lord seems to want to entrust to the institute of the 'Dominican Missionary Adorers' ". This new institute was born on April 30, 1945.

photo by Daniel Abel

Of course, the Chapel of the Eucharistic Heart of Jesus is at the very heart of our convent called the Cenacle, but, in a sense, can we not say that it is also at the heart of our Diocesan family like a privileged place from where the immense EUCHARISTIC LOVE of the Heart of Jesus radiates on all the Communion of communities that make up our diocesan Church, and also on each member of this great Body that He wants to lead to the depth of His LIFE as Adorer of the Father?

Such is the GOOD NEW we wanted to share with you... You are all welcome to come at any time to this Chapel of the Eucharistic Heart of Jesus!

S. Murielle Bérubé, o.p.

Photos by Daniel Abel