May 25 - Mother Julienne's baptismal anniversary

107 years ago

For Mother Julienne, baptism is a grace so great and so rich! She repeated throughout all her life the richness of baptismal life. Also in the wake of Pope Francis' catechesis on baptism, here, on the anniversary of Mother Julienne's baptism, is a small excerpt from a talk that can nourish your mediation.

Our baptismal vocation: to live the Mass

Let us put our life in the Mass and the Mass in our life. Thus, we will accomplish our baptismal vocation, our royal priesthood; we will offer to God the Father the spiritual worship that we owe him. We will be in communion with our brothers (and sisters) by giving them Jesus. We will prolong in some way the hand of the priest and the great gestures of love of God giving us his Son, and we will multiply the adorers in spirit and in truth.

 Mother Julienne of the Rosary

(Interview given to the Dominican Missionary Adorer Fraternity, “My life I wanted it a Mass”, March 21, 1979- approved by the local Ordinary.)